Interview Skills

Delivery for Public and Private Sectors

Our experienced Consultants are able to provide interview training for both the public and private sectors. For the public sector we are able to tailor investigative interviewing courses to meet the operational needs of the Client to provide the key skills in line with international best practice standards and interview models to interview witnesses, obtain witness statements and interview suspects effectively. We are also able to accredit our bespoke courses under the Skills for Justice Awards program and deliver ‘Train the Trainer’ courses.

Our private sector Clients have required more specialised skills relating to those that may be required by negotiators engaged in mergers and acquisitions in the commercial arena and therefore we are able to engage with the Client to assist them with training in areas such as the evaluation of truth and credibility and the psychological principles of negotiation and influence.

Example principles and topics

  • PEACE Interview model
  • Principles of investigative interviewing
  • Interview planning & structure
  • Cognitive interview models
  • Evaluation of truth & credibility
  • Psychological models
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