Financial Investigation & Asset Recovery

Meeting Modern Challenges

Criminal and civil based asset recovery can be a complex process involving different types of investigative, procedural and legal challenges in multiple jurisdictions where international cooperation is pivotal to success.

In order to comply with FATF standards of operational effectiveness, law enforcement professionals are required to trace the proceeds of crime domestically and abroad. These include prosecutors and practitioners from agencies such as the Police, Anti-Corruption Commissions, Tax & Customs Authorities and Financial Intelligence Units who are tasked in tackling corruption and serious & organised crime.

We have extensive experience in delivering technical assistance globally for a number of Governmental Agencies where we have met the operational needs of the Client and have achieved proven measured success in improving overall operational effectiveness.

Example principles and topics

  • Training needs analysis for sustainable solutions
  • Basic and advanced financial investigation courses
  • Best practice in criminal and civil asset recovery
  • Intelligence development
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