Combating Organised Crime

Supporting Global Initiatives

We have a cadre of experienced Consultant practitioners who have spent their careers in law enforcement and other agencies in the fight against organised crime using intelligence-led policing, technical, covert and financial investigation methodology. Through our experience of working in 40+ countries, we recognise the challenges to law enforcement posed by the modern-day threat of national & transnational organised crime and the importance of an effective response to this.

We are experienced in delivering training to agencies tasked with combating organised crime in common and civil law jurisdictions and have trained Police, Tax and Customs Authorities, FIUs, Anti-Corruption Commissions, Intelligence Agencies, Prosecutors, Judges and other Agencies tasked with Asset recovery and Financial Investigation.

Examples of the areas in which can assist:

  • Policy, strategies and institutional frameworks
  • Advice on the prosecution and adjudication of organised crime
  • Organised crime threat assessments
  • Criminal intelligence methodologies and Practices
  • Bespoke and accredited training courses
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