Our team delivers technical assistance, professional training and strategic advice to Governments, NGOs Criminal Justice agencies and financial & economic regulators in the areas of AML & CFT, anti-corruption, financial investigation, covert policing, open source internet investigation techniques, cybercrime, intelligence management, crime scene investigation and civil & criminal asset recovery.

Since I originally founded the company in 2012, AML Consulting (Global) has now established itself as a global brand which has gained recognition and respect from global partners and clients.

Our experienced practitioner consultants have delivered on projects in over 50 countries and our style of approach focuses on delivering solutions whilst appreciating the real and complex challenges facing the diverse organizations we work with. The experience of our team allows the proactive development of realistic and pragmatic solutions to assist our Clients to meet their operational needs. Our proven approach is based upon a commitment to deliver meaningful and sustainable beneficial change.

– Lawrie Day, CEO

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

“The AML Consulting (Global) Ltd team recognised and addressed the operational needs of the professional war crimes/human rights Investigators. Once we explained what their specific training needs were - using financial evidence to build prosecutable cases for war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and serious human rights violations – the AML team were very responsive and worked closely with us to develop an excellent scenario-based course. Highly professional and good people to work with. The View360 Global™ system is excellent.”

Philip Trewhitt OBEExecutive Director,Institute for International Criminal Investigations

““The training on money laundering and financial investigation delivered by AML Consulting (Global) Ltd had an impressive practical value. The experts were extremely well prepared and highly knowledgeable. They provided tools and solutions adapted to our national context, which was much appreciated by the participants”.”

Inspector Igor KomnenicMinistry of Interior of Montenegro

““On behalf of our colleagues, please allow me to thank you for the support in organising the financial investigation training. There is no doubt that your experience in the field will prove to be helpful for our inspectors in pursuing their tasks in effective combating the corruption through administrative means.”

The program was very well received by the participants and we would like to extend it to the rest of the inspectors within our Agency, in the near future.”

Silviu PopoDirector Romanian National Integrity Agency

““AML Consulting designed and delivered bespoke a training package relating to economic crime investigation. Their approach was, from the outset, totally professional and the quality of the product was of the highest standard. Feedback from all of our students was extremely positive, we will not hesitate to use their services again. Highly recommended.””

OSCE Mission to SerbiaPolice Affairs Department

““The AML Consulting Ltd team, led by Mr. Lawrie Day and Mr. John Burrow provided invaluable contribution for the Summer School for Junior Anti-corruption Practitioners from South Eastern Europe project in the area of asset recovery, money laundering and financial investigation issues. Significance of their participation at the Summer School is reflected not only by their unquestionable knowledge and experience, but also by their practical and interactive approach to giving lectures that ensured high-quality training for the young practitioners coming from different countries region wide. In support of this statement was the participants’ feedback and evaluation, according to which AML Consultants were top ranked in terms of the content and usefulness of the training. Furthermore, participants stated that the tools and techniques presented will be of high significance in their future work and investigations.

Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative is looking forward to cooperating with AML Consulting Ltd. on Summer School and other projects in the future.””

Radu CoticiRAI Head of Secretariat

““The scenarios were practical and were designed in a most perfect manner, they developed incrementally over the week and offered new insights from practitioners with lots of expertise.””

Gilbert LukhobaDeputy Director of the Kenya EACC